White Paper ​Sleep quality wit​​​​h CPAP or APAP therapy

Sleep quality wit​​​​h CPAP or APAP therapy ​​The first white paper from our White Paper Edition provides information about a new, important criterion in the evaluation of recuperative sleep, namely, the deep sleep indicator. Sleep experts point out that despite good compliance and a low AHI, patients may still suffer from a lack of restorative sleep. However, an approach that tracks and optimizes deep sleep phases during PAP therapy and takes into consideration compliance, leakage and AHI can lead to more successful treatment of patients with Sleep-Disordered Breathing.   The deep sleep indicator can be registered without additional sensors and read from the device (right now available for prisma SOFT / prisma SMART from FW version 3.05). Patients can read out the data with prisma JOURNAL and experts can do the same with prismaTS and prisma CLOUD.   

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